Advanced Money Management Workshops

Our advanced money management workshops help participants understand timely, important topics and develop effective strategies to address them to help achieve their future financial goals.

Because they focus on more complex financial topics, these workshops are led by Thrivent financial professionals.

5 Keys to Retiring Fearlessly

Discover five keys to unlocking a retirement where you can have more confidence in your ability to achieve your goals.

Economic Update

Should today's headlines about the economy and markets influence your decisions about your financial strategy? Find out how to use this information to make wise decisions about your money.

Give Now. Give Later. Give & Receive.

Be a good steward of the gifts you've been given and learn how to make giving an act that benefits you and the people and causes you care about.

Income Taxes and Retirement

Preparing for retirement includes making choices that can affect your income taxes. Learn more about the financial impact and how to make wise decisions that are right for you.

Parents, Teens and Money Matters®

Competing in a game with parents helps teens gain a better understanding of decisions about their money. Participants learn the value of making intentional choices using share, save and spend options.

Prepare Wisely: End of Life Strategies

Having a strategy in place can make things easier for your family after you’re gone. Learn what documents you need so your final wishes are known.

Retirement Accumulation

How much should I save? What type of accounts should I have? Be confident in what you’re saving for retirement when you learn how to build a strong and adaptable financial strategy.

Securing & Preserving Your Retirement Strategy

You worked hard and planned for retirement. Find out how you can have the retirement you’ve been dreaming of and leave a legacy.

Social Security: Timing is Everything

As you approach retirement, now is the time to determine how you'll support yourself. Find out how you can optimize Social Security and know how much you can expect to receive from other income sources.

Your Legacy: Family, Church & Charity

Are there people and organizations you care about and want to help financially? Learn strategies around sustaining your church’s foundation, supplementing an endowment fund or leaving an inheritance.

Share with Your Community

Interested in hosting your own workshop? Learn about our small group discussions.