On the Wise With Money Journey, there are no shortcuts.

But there are guideposts.

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At Thrivent, we know being wise with money is a lifelong journey of twists and turns. No matter where your journey takes you, we’re here to guide you, so you can live a life of contentment, confidence and generosity.

Four guideposts

On the Wise With Money Journey, there are four practical questions and guideposts that we regularly repeat along the way:

  1. Know God’s money story
    Recognize that all you have is a gift from God and that you are called to be a good steward of those gifts. Then ask, “What does this mean for me?” This will naturally create tension as you consider your choices.
  2. Own your story
    Minimize the tension by looking within and asking, “What is my enough?” Only then can you write your own story, informed by your faith, your heart and habits.
  3. Practice wise financial habits
    Strive to manage God’s gifts wisely by putting your values and plans into action, beginning with the question, “Who or what is going to help me?”
  4. Give of yourself
    Prepare to share your gifts of time, talents and treasures generously by asking yourself, “Who can I help?"

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