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  • Faith Builds
    • Partnership Resources
      Item Description Type
      2019 Thrivent Faith Builds Affiliate Requirements, Terms and Conditions (Oct. 2018) (PDF) For Habitat affiliates with approved 2019 Thrivent Faith Builds projects, review this document. It includes basic requirements for the program. Note: Thrivent programs are by invitation only. Administration
      2020 Thrivent Faith Builds Affiliate Requirements, Terms and Conditions (PDF) For Habitat affiliates with approved 2020 Thrivent Faith Builds projects, review this document. It includes basic requirements for the program. Note: Thrivent programs are by invitation only. Administration
      2021 Thrivent Faith Builds Affiliate Requirements, Terms and Conditions (PDF) For Habitat affiliates, review this document which includes requirements for the 2021 Faith Builds program. Note: Thrivent programs are by invitation only. Administration
      Affiliate Guide to Monthly Project Status Report (PDF) Habitat Affiliates follow these step-by-step directions to submit monthly project status reports. Reporting
      Affiliate Monthly Project Status Report (App) Habitat affiliates use this form to report updates related to milestones, fundraising and volunteer data, congregations involved and build progress to the partnership team.  Submit by the 20th of each month. The form acts as the official request for milestone payments. Click on the Help links for data-entry tips. Reporting
      Faith Builds Church Partnership Agreement (PDF) A partnership agreement that lists responsibilities of each partner to successfully complete a Faith Build in the local community. This is an optional piece to use if it fits within the local church/ Habitat for Humanity/ Thrivent relationship. Administration
      Milestone Tutorial (PDF) Tutorial that helps Habitat affiliates navigate Faith Builds program requirements and administration. Covered topics include program requirements, milestone specifics, project status report (PSR), and resources available to help guide you through program requirements. NOTE: a link to the 22-minute video recording is available on the first page of this PDF. Presentations
      Milestones & Accessing Funds Quick Reference Guide - 2019 Faith Builds version (November 2018) (PDF) Follow these requirements for each 2019 Faith Builds milestone in order to receive funding. Reporting
      Milestones & Accessing Funds Quick Reference Guide - 2020 Faith Builds version (PDF) Follow these requirements for each 2020 Faith Builds milestone in order to receive funding. Reporting
      Thrivent Faith Builds Congregational Commitment Summary Form (Excel) Habitat affiliates use the Faith Builds Congregational Commitment form to report partner churches and committed Faith Builds Generosity Challenge dollars. Submission of form is part of Milestone Two of the Faith Builds Affiliate Requirements, Terms and Conditions. Tip: Use Firefox to download. Administration
    • Church Engagement Guides
      Item Description Type
      1. Faith Builds Guide (PDF) A guide for local Habitat and Thrivent teams. This resource provides an overview of a Faith Build, coaching and considerations for planning the Faith Build, and engagement of the local Christian community and Thrivent members. Reference Guide
      2. FieldNet Church Engagement Page (Link) Resources designed for Thrivent Community Engagement Team and Financial Professionals to help build mutually beneficial relationships between Thrivent and churches. Reference Guide
      7. Faith Builds Forum - Q1 2020 (Link) Forum Title: A Tactical Approach to Engage Churches. This presentation video recording covers goal setting and building church relationships with Faith Builds. Guest speakers as well as Habitat and Thrivent staff contributed to this presentation. Presentations
    • Marketing & Communications
      Item Description Type
      1. Faith Builds Church Introduction (PDF) Use to introduce a Faith Build and the Habitat and Thrivent partnership to church leadership. Discuss the details and involvement opportunity with churches in your community. Presentations
      2. Church Communication Tool for Engaging Congregations (Word) Developed to help churches talk about their Faith Build with their congregations, this tool provides cut-and-paste content and visuals that can be used a variety of ways, from church bulletins to social media. Faith Build partners can share this link or download a copy to share with churches. Newsletters/Web Text/Direct Mail
      3. Church Faith Builds Bulletin Insert (PDF) Customizable bulletin insert for churches to promote involvement in the Faith Build and share details of planned events with the congregation. Administration
      4. Church Faith Builds Flyer (PDF) Customizable flyer for distribution by churches to the congregation to inform them about the Faith Build and involvement opportunities. Newsletters/Web Text/Direct Mail
      5. Church Faith Builds Fundraising Ideas (PDF) Help congregations come up with fundraising ideas and events with this sheet of examples. Fundraising
      6. Faith Builds Certificate of Appreciation (PDF) An appreciation certificate for the Thrivent and Habitat for Humanity team to present to a local church as a thank you for partnering in a Faith Build. Administration
      7. Faith Builds Clergy Kick-off Event Invite (PDF) Kick off your Faith Build with a special Clergy event and use this customizable piece to promote it. Share with clergy and other church leaders to get them to your event. Newsletters/Web Text/Direct Mail
      8. Faith Builds Video (5:00) (Link) This 5-minute video for church leaders provides a great introduction to the program and demonstrates how churches can engage in making an impact in their community. Ideal for your church leader breakfast or other meetings with church leadership. Presentations
      9. Faith Builds Volunteer Video (1:00) (Link) This 1-minute video can be shared with churches to generate excitement within the congregation. It could easily be shown during the church service or at a ministry team meeting. Presentations
      Affiliate Media and Communications Kit (Link) This zip file includes resources and tools including: press releases, media advisory, talking points, social media ideas, and logos. Media Relations
      Faith Builds Event Member Invite Postcard (Storefront*) (Link) Use this customizable postcard to invite members to participate in an event to support a Faith Build in their community. (*Storefront link accessible only by Thrivent staff. Login required. Search Topic Thrivent Builds, Item 29714J) Newsletters/Web Text/Direct Mail
      Faith Builds Partnership Sign Template and Color Guide (PDF) Habitat affiliates use this fillable PDF Faith Build sign template as final printer-ready art for a 30” X 48” outdoor sign. The template has three areas to be completed by the affiliate: Affiliate name, family name and partner churches/Christian organizations. Email the template to a local printer or to Custom Signs Today at homeoffice@customsignstoday.com. This PDF includes the sign color guide to provide to the printer to ensure the correct branded colors are used. Signage
      Faith Builds Presentation (Powerpoint) Customizable Power Point Presentation for sharing information about Faith Builds with church leaders and church attendees. Basic program content is included along with fillable areas to tailor your presentation to your community and audience. Presentations
      Habitat and Thrivent Logo Lock-up (JPG) Use the attached logo lock-up in your custom communication pieces as needed. Review the existing resources on this page to find a pre-approved piece that will meet your needs before creating your own. When the logo opens, right-click the page and select Save Picture As to save the JPG file on your local computer. Logos/Images
      Habitat and Thrivent Partnership Fact Sheet (PDF) Everything a reporter needs to cover the Habitat and Thrivent Partnership including program facts and figures. Media Relations
      Habitat and Thrivent Promotional Merchandise (Link) Utilize Thrivent branded items to engaged volunteers on the build site, as a Thank You for volunteering, or at a volunteer recruitment event. Merchandise
      Marketing Tutorial (PDF) Tutorial that helps local partnerships most effectively utilize available marketing resources in your Faith Builds. Covered topics include resources to connect with churches, communication tools to share with churches so they can engage their congregation, Media Kit to reach the broader community, build site essentials like t-shirts and site sign. NOTE: a link to the 21-minute video recording is available on the first page of this PDF. Presentations
      Photos (High Quality) (Link) High quality photos of Faith Builds activity. Use in your own digital and print marketing items. Zip file will open, then double-click each photo to view. Download/save each photo you wish to use. Share the link to the zip file with church leaders and others you want to have access to the photos. Logos/Images
    • Volunteer Management
      Item Description Type
      Affiliate Guide to Submitting Volunteer Information and FAQ (PDF) Habitat Affiliates follow these step-by-step directions on how to securely submit volunteer information for Habitat and Thrivent Partnership projects. Reporting
      Name Submission Webpage (App) Open the secure Thrivent webpage and submit each volunteer name within 14 days of the activity.  Select your affiliate's state and name from the drop-downs. When a home project is approved for your affiliate, it appears in the House Master ID drop-down. Reporting
      Volunteer Sign-in Form (Word) Use this sign-in/photo release form at the project site. Have all volunteers sign in and complete the appropriate fields. Note: Volunteers may opt out of having their photo used by checking the corresponding box. Administration
      Youth Involvement Quick Reference Guide (Word) Use these ideas to get youth of all ages involved in a Habitat and Thrivent project. Reference Guide
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