Thrivent Foundation

The Thrivent Foundation demonstrates Thrivent’s promise to help people achieve financial clarity and lead lives of meaning and gratitude by working alongside community partners focused on ending persistent economic disparities or generational poverty.

Shared Economic Well-being

The foundation's mission is to change the odds for people who struggle to advance economically within our communities. We aspire to break cycles of generational poverty through access to a quality education, relevant preparation for the workplace and career opportunities that provide a path for growth. The more our communities and systems provide these opportunities for stability and mobility, the more people can save, invest and protect against unforeseen risks over time. It’s a virtuous cycle of shared economic well-being that we envision for all within our communities.

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We listen and respond to the needs of our partners

The Thrivent Foundation will focus on two community outcomes that are critical to achieving our mission.

  • Ensuring family-sustaining employment
  • Building durable financial assets

In 2018, the foundation is working to develop partnerships within the Twin Cities of Minnesota and Fox Cities of Wisconsin exclusively. We seek to test promising approaches and scale proven approaches advancing these outcomes.

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