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Do you see yourself at a large school or rural college? Far or close to home? What would you like to do after you graduate? Whatever your answer, we're here to help you discover the ideal school that aligns with your dreams and budget. From the financial aid process to selecting the right school – we've got you covered with a variety of resources.

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  • 7 College Fit Factors to Help you Find the Perfect Match – There's no secret formula for choosing a college, but there are steps you can take to find a good fit. Start by making a list of priorities based on these seven college-fit factors
  • Applying to College – Applying to college can be stressful, especially when you're not sure what you need to do or when to do it. So, we've broken the application process down into four smaller steps to help make it more manageable.
  • 5 Tips for Using the Net Price Calculator – The best way to reduce the amount you need to borrow for college is to choose an affordable school. Be careful, though, don't base your decision about what's "affordable" on the published – or sticker – price of a school. Virtually no one pays that. What you want to know is your net price, what you'll actually pay to attend the school after grants and scholarships are deducted from the published price, for the schools that interest you.
  • What to Ask on Your Next College Visit – When the time comes to tour colleges and universities, you'll likely find yourself following a campus ambassador as they walk backwards all over campus. These students are masters of sharing successful alumnus stories, historical perspectives on certain buildings, and of course the virtues of the dining center, workout facilities, and residence halls.
  • The Common App: What you Need to Know – "To reduce barriers that students face when applying to college." This is the mission driving The Common App, originally developed in 1975 to streamline the application process for select colleges and universities. Today, the Common App is accepted by over 750 member colleges and successfully used by over 3 million students, advisors, counselors, and parents to manage the college application process every year.