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Community College Transfer Guarantees

So you’ve decided to start your studies at a community college and then transfer to a 4-year school. (Not there yet? Check out this article about your options after high school.) It’s a choice with the potential to save you a significant amount of money – as long as you do your research.

Data from the National Center for Education Statistics shows that on average, community college students lose about 13 credits following their first transfer. That adds up to about a semester of study! Luckily, many states and colleges are doing their part to make the transition from community colleges to in-state 4-year schools smoother. Articulation agreements and transfer admission guarantees (TAGs) are two new resources offered to students looking to make the jump.

Articulation Agreements

Articulation Agreements offer a straightforward list of the courses that will transfer among community colleges and 4-year schools, which are often affiliated based on geography. You may also see these referred to as Transfer Assurance Guides, Articulation Guides, and Transfer Pathways, and they are updated yearly. By paying close attention to these guides, you can avoid enrolling in and paying for courses that will not be transferable to your new school. Ready to get started? CollegeTransfer.net offers a tool to help you explore your options.

Transfer Admission Guarantees (TAGs)

Transfer Admission Guarantees (TAGs) take articulation agreements to the next level. TAGs don’t just guarantee that a student’s credits will transfer to a 4-year university if she’s admitted; they guarantee that the student will be admitted once she has completed a specific amount of pre-approved credits. Often, these programs will specify a required GPA. At least one 4-year college in more than 25 states offers some form of TAG – start your research by searching “[your state here] transfer admission guarantee.”

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