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If you want to make an impact in your community but aren't sure where to begin, we're here to help.
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Start shaping your financial future

Wherever your heart is leading you, Thrivent helps make sure your finances support the journey. A Thrivent financial advisor can help you take control of your personal finances to achieve your lifelong goals, including supporting your loved ones and the causes you care about. Connect with a Thrivent financial advisor to start planning with purpose.

Empowering you through life’s financial journeys

Simply changing the way you think and feel about money can put you on the road to achieving financial freedom and independence.
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Expressing gratitude
Engaging communities to inspire generosity and gratitude to help improve the lives of others.

What matters to you,
matters to us

A financial services organization that has generosity at its core sounds unusual. But it’s true. We invest in more than just portfolios—we invest in our communities. As a not-for-profit organization and Fortune 500 company, we offer access to a full suite of charitable giving options, volunteer programs, and partnerships with causes like Habitat for Humanity.* When we team up together, we go further.

Advice & solutions for a range of needs

We provide insurance, banking, investment options and financial advice that align with your needs and priorities.
Gain financial clarity and confidence as you work toward your financial goals and dreams.
Protect your long-term financial plans and keep your most important promises.
Increase and protect your savings to help ensure a more comfortable retirement.
Achieve what matters for you and your community by planning for (and meeting) your financial goals. Whatever they happen to be.
Meet your day-to-day financial goals with services that put people before profit.
Share your good fortune and make a difference by volunteering or building generosity into your financial strategy.
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A push in the right direction
The Browns needed help creating a master plan that gave them the confidence to open their business.

The Browns

Dreams do come true.

With three young daughters at home, Joshua and Annie Brown wondered if their dream of opening a family-owned pharmacy was financially feasible. Thrivent financial advisor Bobby Seda helped them align their personal and professional needs to successfully open their business. Now the pharmacy is thriving and so is their family.

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The best financial guidance and advice should focus on your personal goals and dreams. And that takes a personal connection. We can help.
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