Plan Your Path

Before leaping into life after high school, it's important to prepare yourself for the road ahead. Now is the chance to discover:

  • what you're passionate about
  • what interests you
  • and what type of higher education to pursue – whether that be college, trade school, apprenticeships, or the military

Think of this as the budgeting/planning phase of a long but amazing road trip.

Tools & Resources

College Savings Estimator


  • Moving Beyond High School: Which Path is Right – What are your plans after high school? If you're a senior, you're hearing this question all the time – usually accompanied by the expectation that you'll name a 4-year school. But the thought of attending a 4-year college is stressful for many students and sometimes people overlook the fact that this not your only option.
  • The First Five Things to do when Pursuing Higher Education – As you begin to navigate the college process, it can feel like you’re running wildly downhill.