Permanent Life Insurance

Permanent life insurance is a wise, generous way to help care for the people you love. Unlike term insurance, which provides temporary protection, permanent life insurance is designed to last your entire lifetime.

Permanent life insurance can:

  • Provide a lifetime of coverage.
  • Build income-tax-deferred cash value you may access during your lifetime.1
  • Enable you to leave a legacy for your family, church or charity, potentially free of income taxes.2

Whole life insurance

If you want a lifetime of life insurance plus guarantees for yourself, or those you love, consider whole life. It pays a guaranteed death benefit to your beneficiaries, accumulates income-tax-deferred cash value and your premiums won't increase. Plus, your policy has the potential to earn dividends.4

  • Guaranteed death benefit.3
  • Guaranteed cash value.3
  • Guaranteed level premiums.
  • Potential to earn dividends.4

Blended life insurance

When your need for life insurance protection is beyond temporary and you're looking for flexibility, consider a contract that offers a blend of permanent and term life insurance. It's designed to help meet your long-term insurance needs and fit your budget.

  • Offers a mix of term and permanent life insurance.
  • Builds a modest amount of cash value.1,3
  • May earn dividends, which could pay for term protection.4

Universal life insurance

Looking for life insurance protection that offers flexible premium payments and the potential to build cash value to use while you're living?1,3 If so, universal life insurance may be appropriate for you and your changing life.

  • Pay more when you want and less when you must.
  • Skip a premium payment if funds get tight.6
  • Potential to build cash value.1

Variable universal life

Variable universal life insurance is similar to universal life insurance in that it combines flexibility with permanent life insurance. It also has the potential to build cash value by investing in your choice of several professionally managed portfolios.5

  • Flexible premium payments and permanent coverage.
  • Investment choices to match your risk tolerance.5

Member's Voice

"We chose permanent life insurance because we can build the cash value. I also like the flexibility it offers."*