Life Insurance

A new home, the birth or adoption of a child, retirement or death of a spouse. These important life events may have an impact on your finances and may create or enhance your need for life insurance.

Help keep your promises to your family and your dreams alive with a life insurance program tailored for you.

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Help keep your promises

Life insurance may help you keep your family in the home you all love or cover college expenses if you die prematurely.

Help them carry on

The loss of a wage earner or homemaker can strain your finances. Life insurance can help fill the gap.

Leave a legacy

Life insurance can be a meaningful way to help preserve your legacy or leave a planned gift to charity.

Term Life Insurance

There are times in life when your finances may get tight, but your insurance needs may still be as real as ever. Term life insurance is a simple solution. It's typically the most affordable way to get the coverage your family needs for a set period of time. With term, you can lock in rates for 10, 15, 20 or 30 years.

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  • Premiums stay the same during the term you select.
  • Options to convert to a permanent life insurance contract.

Permanent Life Insurance

Permanent life insurance consists of insurance and cash value.More Information Potential cash value growth can help cover your long-term financial needs while you’re still alive. After you die, the death benefit can help care for your loved ones and support causes you care about.

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  • Potential to build cash value, a living benefit that can be used to cover financial needs.1
  • Proceeds typically pass to beneficiaries quickly and income-tax free.

How to Choose Between Term & Permanent

Feature Term Permanent
What it provides Protection for a specific amount of time. Protection for as long as the insured lives.
Why buy it A generally affordable way to get insurance to protect short-term needs, up to 30 years. Protect long-term financial needs – for the lifetime of the insured. Can help round out overall financial portfolio.
Death benefit/proceeds Yes Yes
Cash value accumulation No Yes1
Premiums Premiums are generally affordable, and remain level throughout the term. However they increase at each renewal point (i.e., the end of the term). Premiums are typically higher than term insurance. Some permanent products have premiums that remain level, while others have flexible premiums.
Flexibility May be able to convert to a permanent contract at the end of the term. Variations exist to meet your long-term financial needs and budget, including flexibility with premium payment amount and frequency.

Member's Voice

"Once someone is ill, it's too late to get life insurance."*

CloseCash Value

Cash value is the investment component of permanent life insurance that builds over time, allowing you to borrow against it.