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You have questions. How much will I need to retire? Can I protect my family’s future? Am I making the right financial decisions?

Thrivent Financial has the expertise to provide answers. It's part of our mission to guide Christians on their Wise With Money Journeys.

But we're more than a financial resource. We live, work and worship in your communities. And we're committed to serve as a partner, one you can turn to at every key milestone.

How we'll work with you

We'll listen without judgment. We'll take the time to understand where you are now, and where you want to go. Together, we'll craft a plan to help you get there.

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Financial products that fit your life

Start your Wise With Money Journey – and stay on the right track – with our full range of offerings.

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Our approach starts with you

Protecting against setbacks. Saving enough for retirement. Leaving a legacy. It can feel overwhelming. We get that. It's why our professionals focus on getting to know you – and on crafting a strategy that matches your needs and values.

With the right guidance, you can feel more financially secure today. And build the foundation to help reach your dreams tomorrow.

Learn more about our approach

Setting financial goals

A Thrivent Financial professional can help you take action on your financial aspirations – like helping you find ways to save money, pay off your debt and open a retirement account.

Retirement planning icon

Retirement planning

You've probably dreamed of pursuing your post-work life. We can help you get on the right path to that secure retirement.

Prepare for retirement

Personal Finances icon

Personal Finances & Loved Ones

Change is inevitable, but it doesn't have to derail your future. We'll help you plan for the unexpected.

Protect my future

Saving goals icon

Saving goals

No matter what you're putting money away for now, we can help you plan for the longer term and toward making your goal a reality.

Find ways to save

Estate planning icon

Estate strategies

A Thrivent Financial professional can help create a strategy to leave the legacy you want – and one that your loved ones deserve.

Learn about leaving a legacy

Finances & life events

A Thrivent Financial professional can help you prepare for all of life's big moments – even the unexpected ones.

Retirement icon


You've worked toward retirement for years. Now that it's here, we'll work with you to help build an income strategy that provides the life you've dreamed about.

Get more from retirement

Empty nesting icon

Empty nesting & approaching retirement

Five years out? Ten years away? It's never too late – or too early – to plan. We can help you zero in on your new financial priorities.

Start preparing now

Becoming a parent or grandparent icon

Becoming a parent or grandparent

New family additions deliver joy and a fresh set of financial priorities. We can help you set a solid course for the futures of your new family members.

Plan for their future

Death of a loved onev icon

Death of a loved one

The loss of someone close is a time to rely on family, friends and faith. Thrivent can help too, with a range of grief resources.

Get support & resources

Disability or illness icon

Disability or illness

How will you protect your income if you can't work? A little planning today can add a big layer of protection for tomorrow.

Plan for the unexpected

Career change icon

Career change

Career transitions offer opportunity – and uncertainty. We can guide you through your considerations, including insurance coverage, retirement savings and more.

Care for my career

Saving for college icon

Saving for college

A college education doesn't have to be out of reach. A Thrivent Financial professional can help you make sense of savings options, plans and resources.

Start saving