Plan Administrator Resources

DOL Participant Disclosure Rule 404a-5

Thrivent Financial ("Thrivent") has assembled the resources below to help certain plan administrators comply with Rule 404a-5 under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (the "Participant Disclosure Rule"). This Rule applies to plan administrators of covered individual account plans, as defined under the Rule (e.g., 403(b) plans subject to ERISA and other qualified employer sponsored retirement plans). Thrivent is not subject to the Participant Disclosure Rule with regard to your plans but has set up this webpage as a service to you. You should review the Participant Disclosure Rule to get a more complete understanding of your legal obligations and should also consult with your attorney if you have questions.

Information to help you comply with participant disclosure rule

The information below relates solely to Thrivent Mutual Funds and annuities that may be investment options in your plan and does not constitute the complete set of information that you must provide to participants in your plan pursuant to the rule. However, you can use the information below to form the basis of your required disclosures that relate to Thrivent Financial products.

The links provide certain information about Thrivent Financial investment options (e.g., fund and benchmark performance, fund operating expenses and fees, pricing factors, restrictions, strategies and risks, objectives, restrictions and fees) available for you to use when you create your participant disclosures required by the Department of Labor (DOL).

Sample glossaries (per Rule 404a-5(d)(1)(vi)) produced by industry participants


For questions about this regulation, please contact your attorney, third party administrator (TPA) or the DOL/EBSA's Office of Regulations and Interpretations at 202-693-8500, or review its website at

For questions about the Thrivent Financial investment products, please contact the Investment Interaction Center at 800-847-4836. Legal questions should be directed to an attorney.