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Sept 2018 Market Recap: Interest rates rise as Fed keeps pedal to the metal

Interest rates have been trending up as the Federal Reserve Board (Fed) continues its gradual rate hike policy. On September 26, the Fed raised the rate 0.25% to a range of 2.0% - 2.25% – the third hike this year and the eighth since December 2015. The Fed indicated that there may be one more small rate hike in December followed by up to three more in 2019.

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Active versus Passive: The great debate

Will actively managed mutual funds continue to be the dominant investment approach in the years ahead, or will passive investments, such as index funds, overtake them?

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Aug 2018 Market Recap: US stocks reach longest bull run in modern market history

The current U.S. bull market became the longest in modern history in August after nine and a half years of sustained growth, persevering through 3,466 calendar days without experiencing a drop of 20% (or more) from a closing high.

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Sept 2018 Market Outlook: Consumer spending suprisingly strong despite stagnant real wages

Wage growth the past few years has barely exceeded the cost of living, but that hasn’t prevented consumers from ramping up spending. Their recent spending spree has helped many retailers shake off an industry slump to post surprisingly strong sales and earnings this year.

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