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Thrivent is Proud to 'Tag' Team with ASPIRO


Shirt alert! When you order T-shirts for your Thrivent Action Team, take a close look at the circular tags. There’s a special story behind every tag, starting with a journey of generosity that connected Thrivent Financial and ASPIRO.

Thrivent Action Team T-shirts reflect generosity from the inside – out

ASPIRO is a nonprofit organization in Wisconsin that provides job and life skills training for adults with cognitive disabilities. Thrivent is teaming with ASPIRO to have its employees tag all of our Thrivent Action Team T-shirts. The tags provide unique ideas on how to live generously.

Nicole Hoffman, ASPIRO’S vice president of development, welcomed the opportunity to work with Thrivent, knowing the project was a perfect match for ASPIRO’s workforce. As a Thrivent member, Nicole also knew the project would help strengthen families and communities.

“When I found out ASPIRO would be working on tagging the new Thrivent Action Team T-shirts, I was extremely proud to be a member,” says Nicole. “Thrivent found a way to take a project that already encourages people to live generously to do even more good. It now also provides a job opportunity for people with disabilities.”

Meet some of your amazing tag team members                

The smiles of these ASPIRO employees speak volumes about what they’ve accomplished and what it’s like to be part of a movement of generosity. Here are just a few of the stories behind those little generosity tags on all of our Thrivent Action Team T-shirts.

Shawn Dombrowski ASPIRO team member Shawn Dombrowski

Shawn Dombrowski is another important member of the ASPIRO team. For the past 16 years, his positive attitude has been as constant as his strong work ethic. “I am happy at ASPIRO,” says Shawn. “I work hard.” Shawn also likes to play hard, spending much of his free time bowling, playing basketball and hanging out with his friends. He also enjoys talking football with a local news anchor, with whom he’s formed a special bond.

Mike Torres, ASPIRO team memberMike Torres

Mike Torres is the “veteran” at ASPIRO – having worked there for 45 years. Mike has his own apartment and during baseball season, you’ll find him in front of the TV cheering on his beloved Milwaukee Brewers. But don’t think Mike takes all of his free time sitting down. He’s an avid bowler and also plays on ASPIRO’s Monday afternoon golf league.

Hannah Heemstra

Hannah Heemstra is a relatively new kid on the block (at least compared to Mike ASPIRO team member Hannah Heemstraand Shawn), with five years of service at ASPIRO. During that time, Hannah has worked on many jobs but she says the Thrivent Action Team T-shirt project is her favorite. Speaking of favorites, Hannah says her favorite foods are pizza, Chinese food and mac and cheese. Celebrating Christmas and birthdays are at the top of her list of fun things to do, followed by bowling and knitting.


When your team is taking action to make a positive change, know that the T-shirts you’re wearing are making a positive change, too!

Want to find out more about ASPIRO? Visit ASPIRO’s website.


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