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Thrivent Choice Charitable Outreach Funds Help Feed Families

food bank volunteers

The Food Bank for Central & Northeast Missouri in Columbia, Missouri, is a regional disaster and hunger relief network serving a 32-county area.

The Food Bank works with 132 food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters and other agencies to ensure food gets into the hands of those who need it most. In December 2015, a mother with a 5-year-old daughter and an infant came to the food pantry, recalls Todd Pridemore, development supervisor for The Food Bank.

A staff member gathered two boxes of food and carried them to the woman's car. The little girl turned and asked her mom, "Will we have food to eat tonight?" Tears filled the mother's eyes and she gave the staff member a huge bear hug, expressing her thanks. The Food Bank pantries and programs meet the needs of the biggest at-risk populations.

The Central Pantry in Columbia – one of the largest food pantries in the state – is designed as a grocery store where clients shop for items.

Their Mobile Pantries distribute nonperishable goods as well as fresh produce and meat to low-income communities that do not have brick-and-mortar pantries.  Their Buddy Pack program hands out food each week during the school year to low-income children, they provide food to veterans living at or below the poverty line, and they distribute senior boxes to the elderly community as well.

$1 = $21 worth of groceries

Because of these partnerships with manufacturers, wholesalers, growers and restaurants, The Food Bank is able to turn every dollar into $21 worth of groceries.  To date, The Food Bank has received $16,609 in charitable outreach funding through the Thrivent Choice program. To learn more about The Food Bank, visit them at:

2 ways you can support The Food Bank

1. Direct Choice Dollars®.   
If you're an eligible Thrivent member, you can direct Choice Dollars to The Food Bank. Once logged in to your account, search "The Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri" in the Thrivent Choice catalog.

Direct Choice Dollars to The Food Bank >

2. Make a personal donation. 
You can give to The Food Bank through the InFaith Community Foundation by filling out an easy, online donation form.

Make a personal donation to The Food Bank >

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