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Support a Favorite Charity

Use life insurance to achieve gifting goals

Rev. Wilbert Rosin, 91, has dedicated his life to helping others. So did his wife, Dorothy, who died in 2010. "Giving runs in the family," says Rev. Rosin, a Thrivent member who lives in St. Louis, Missouri. "I couldn’t have done it without Dorothy’s help."

He is continuing the tradition of helping others in his retirement years. "Will has been a great steward of his money in his lifetime," says Steve Jackson, his Thrivent Financial representative in Chesterfield, Missouri. "He’s also one of the most charitable individuals I’ve ever met. Since he wanted to give to several charities, we realized life insurance was a good option to achieve his charitable goals."

With that in mind, Rev. Rosin recently purchased three life insurance contracts to use for planned charitable giving to three organizations: Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri; St. Paul High School in Concordia, Missouri, where Rosin began teaching in 1947; and Bethania Kids, an orphanage in India where the Rosins did missionary work over the years.

Think you might be interested in doing the same thing, but aren’t sure how to proceed? Rev. Rosin has some wise words: "Take a long look at what you’ve done in your life, and decide which organizations or people would be helped most by your charitable giving."

It’s a wonderful legacy, yes, but also one way to use insurance while you can still see its impact.

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