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Pint-Sized Chefs Serve up Generosity

Thrivent Action Team video

Look around and you'll see that generosity comes in all shapes, sizes – and ages. Just ask Amy Gutierrez. Like many Thrivent members, she wanted to make a difference in her community.

A Thrivent Action Team was a great way to show her daughter, Kayla, that even though she was only 10 years old, she could "live generously," too – and have fun doing it!

Gutierrez found her inspiration for a Thrivent Action Team project when she learned that her neighbor volunteered with Open Cathedral, run by San Francisco Night Ministry. The ministry serves more than 10,000 meals annually and provides a weekly worship service for people living on the street.

That gave her the idea to apply for a Thrivent Action Team to make soup for Open Cathedral. But instead of asking other adults to join her team, she encouraged Kayla to get her friends involved. It was a recipe for success – in more ways than one.

Under Gutierrez' supervision, the girls worked together to clean, chop, dice and spice chicken and vegetables. They simmered the soup while sharing stories about their families and their different cultures.

When the pint-size sous chefs finished in the kitchen, they helped pack up the soup and headed for Open Cathedral. There, they helped serve lunch on the streets of the Tenderloin district after the outdoor worship service.

"Eighty homeless people enjoyed a warm cup of soup following a bilingual English-Spanish Open Cathedral service," says Gutierrez. "Seeing how a simple bowl of soup can mean so much to someone who's hungry had a big impact on the girls."

See how these kids let their light shine!

Watch this fun video to see how Kayla and her friends put their generosity into action to bring soup – and smiles – to people in need. As they say in the song, these kids "dared to be generous." So can you!

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