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Make This Year’s Make a Difference Day ‘Action’-Packed

Thrivent Action Teams are determined to help make the 2015 Make a Difference Day the best one yet

Make a Difference Day

It’s no secret that summer has a reputation for being the so-called “wedding season.” While the weeks of summery warmth and fun in the sun are coming to a close, don’t be too quick to forget about those invitations and “save the date” cards. There’s still one more important date that Thrivent members should keep in mind: Saturday, October 24, 2015.

Oct. 24 will mark the 24th year of Make a Difference Day – a USA Today initiative backed by the Gannet Company that unites volunteers across the nation to make a difference in the lives of others. Throughout the years, the occasion has grown to be the nation’s most popular day for community service. Participants are invited to look around their neighborhoods, identify a need and then take action.

Sound familiar? Maybe it reminds you of Thrivent Action Teams! On this year’s Make a Difference Day, Thrivent Action Teams can give you that extra boost to help you make an even bigger difference.

Since its inception at the end of 2013, more than 40,000 Thrivent members have led Thrivent Action Teams to spread generosity throughout their communities and make positive changes fueled by their passions. 

Last year, Thrivent members led Make a Difference Day Thrivent Action Teams to winterize gardens, prepare meals for homeless teens and more. Lola Lucero from Greeley, Colorado, organized a Thrivent Action Team for the first time to get the most out of the book drive she’s participated in for the last four Make a Difference Days.

“Our Thrivent Action Team allowed us to better promote the book drive and have more community involvement,” Lola says. “It was our most successful book drive yet! We are excited to have Thrivent Action Teams’ help again for Make a Difference Day this year and years to come after that.”

Lola’s team collected a record-breaking 384 books and enough in monetary donations to purchase 74 additional books.

For members who have yet to lead a Thrivent Action Team and are not familiar with the application process, Lola has some words of encouragement:

“Don’t worry one bit about the application – it’s a piece of cake!” she says. “When a few small steps can lead to a big impact in your community, it’s worth it.”

If you’re thinking Thrivent Action Teams can help amp up your 2015 Make a Difference Day project, it’s not too late! Visit for your next steps and simply submit your application by Oct. 1.


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