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Be the match & save a life

For patients with blood cancers or genetic disorders, a marrow or umbilical cord blood transplant may be their only hope for a cure. Unfortunately, 70% of patients don’t have a donor match in their family. These patients and their families depend on Be The Match®, an organization that connects patients in need to their life-saving donor. Be The Match manages a database of 13 million people who are willing to donate marrow and help save the lives of patients like 10-year-old Eli.

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Thrivent is proud to 'tag' team with ASPIRO

Shirt alert! When you order T-shirts for your Thrivent Action Team, take a close look at the circular tags. There's a special story behind every tag, starting with a journey of generosity that connected Thrivent Financial and ASPIRO.

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10 ways to spread joy this Christmas season

The season of giving is here, which means it’s the perfect time to round up your friends and family to live generously. Apply to lead a Thrivent Action Team this year and get ready to make a positive change. In need of project idea? Look no further! Here are 10 awesome ways to spread generosity and Christmas cheer throughout the holidays.

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Help support causes you care about through Thrivent Choice

Thrivent Choice® is more than a charitable grant program for eligible members of Thrivent Financial. It’s a great way to help the organizations you care about, including your church.

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