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Hope for the Hurting

Thrivent Choice® supports efforts to provide comfort through handmade crosses

Thrivent member Clayton Kent

In May 2010 Thrivent member Clayton Kent of Seward, Nebraska, started carving wooden palm comfort crosses as a way to fill some empty hours in retirement.

Today the volunteer-based nonprofit organization known as The Cross of Life Inc., has created and shipped more than 70,000 crosses all over the world.

Kent and dozens of other retirees lovingly carve the crosses from cedar, walnut or oak. Each one is uniquely handmade and designed with smooth round edges to fit comfortably in the palm of the holder. Each cross comes with a card reminding the recipient of Christ's love for him or her.

The cross makers desire to get their crosses into the hands of anyone who is hurting. Churches offer them to sick or grieving members; the crosses bring comfort to those in hospitals, in nursing homes and in the military; they make a heartfelt gift to those suffering from cancer, heart disease or other affliction; and those who are depressed, anxious or worried find comfort in their contemplative nature. "We have received a lot of letters telling us how the crosses have helped families get through some tough times," says Kent. "The money received from Thrivent Choice was a big help."

To date, The Cross of Life has received $6,118 in charitable outreach funding through the Thrivent Choice program. To learn more, visit them at:

2 ways you can support The Cross of Life 

1. Direct Choice Dollars®.  
If you're an eligible Thrivent member, you can direct Choice Dollars to The Cross of Life. Once logged in to your account, search "The Cross of Life Inc." in the Thrivent Choice catalog.

Direct Choice Dollars to The Cross of Life >

2. Make a personal donation. 
You can give to The Cross of Life through the InFaith Community Foundation by filling out an easy, online donation form.

Make a personal donation to The Cross of Life >

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