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Growing Home

With funding from Thrivent Choice®, families find support & services to get back on their feet

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Growing Home, an organization in Westminster, Colorado, serves 5,000 families per year. Its education and programs, designed to help families break the cycle of generational poverty, include early childhood intervention, a kid-friendly food pantry, an emergency shelter, homeless prevention, affordable and transitional housing, life skills classes, case management, medical services, and a resource and referral network.

“I'll never forget the day I came to Growing Home,” says Seth, a recipient of Growing Home’s services. “It was early, before the offices opened, and Cindy met me while I was changing our baby's diaper right there on the hallway floor.”

Seth, his wife, Amy, and their children were living in their Jeep because their apartment had been condemned. “My family was in a really bad spot,” Seth recalls. “The very first night we were in the program, Growing Home was full of love for us. It was really touching. My son, Connor, comes in and tells me he has Spider-Man sheets and blankets on his bed. It’s the little things.”

Seth’s wife Amy was working, but Seth had lost his job. Their family stayed in Growing Home’s emergency shelter for 60 days to save money. During that time Seth looked for another job and a new place to live.

They found an apartment, but they didn’t have quite enough money for the deposit and the first month’s rent. Growing Home provided them with what they needed to make the transition.

“I got a job as a youth minister at a Westminster church and things are working out,” says Seth. “I don’t know what we would have done without Growing Home. If it weren’t for programs such as this, there would be many more people like us. Thank you and God bless you."

The grant funding Growing Home receives through Thrivent Choice® nurtures children, strengthens families and creates community.

To learn more about Growing Home, visit its website at You can also direct Choice Dollars® or make a personal donation to Growing Home. (Login is required.)

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