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Four Simple Acts of Kindness Ideas

Helping others in your community may be easier than you think

Four simple acts of kindness ideas

It doesn’t take a lot to be generous. Sometimes the simplest things can have the biggest impact on the lives of others. Following these four tips is an easy way to be generous and to help others in your community.

1. Give a bouquet of flowers.

Whether someone is having a bad day, a good day or a great day, a cheerful arrangement of flowers is always a welcome surprise. This simple gesture reminds us that there is always a reason to celebrate. Personalize the gesture even further by picking a few stems from your personal garden to add to the bouquet.

2. Give people your full attention.

Put down your smartphone, stop thinking about your to-do list and really listen with interest, concern and compassion.

Ask “How was your day – really?” Sometimes, listening is the kindest thing you can do for others and can really make their day – and yours.

3. Clean out the clutter & donate.

Put a box in your closet or near the front door where you can easily place items for donation.

Encourage your children to go through their toys and donate the ones they no longer play with. Giving things away teaches children at a young age about helping others. Bring your kids with you when you make the donation so they can see how appreciative the people are and feel good about what they’ve done.

4. Write a thank-you card.

Tell a friend or coworker how much you appreciate them, and thank them for all they do. A handwritten note is rare these days and a welcome surprise on someone’s desk or in a mail box. Letting people know that they’ve made a difference in your life takes just a little extra effort and leaves lasting goodwill.

Remember: No gesture is too small or too big. Give some of your time or money. The important thing is to be kind, be thoughtful –   and live generously.

For more easy ways to give back and be generous, read “Finding the right time – & the right fit – to give.

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