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Can Cancer Bring People Together?

Thrivent Financial & American Cancer Society team up to raise funds

Thrivent members, booth, cancer, Relay for Life, American Cancer Society, Live Generously, Thrivent Action Teams

Cancer. It’s a word that, unfortunately, many of us are all too familiar with. Whether you’ve fought your own battle or supported others through theirs, cancer has most likely touched your life in one way or another.

But, while cancer can certainly be a difficult issue to deal with, it can also be something that brings people together to make a difference, which is exactly what Thrivent Financial Wealth Advisor Sherryl Adair did.

When a staff member on Sherryl’s team lost her husband after an 11-month battle to cancer on March 24, 2015, Sherryl jumped into action. She formed the Cascade West Group of Thrivent Financial Relay for Life team to raise money and help the American Cancer Society in its efforts to find a cure for cancer.

“We have so much cancer around us with clients and with my own staff, so we decided, ‘wow, we need to get involved in this,’” Sherryl said.

Others from the Cascade West Group, Thrivent members, booth, cancer, Relay for Life, American Cancer Society, Live
      Generously, Thrivent Action Teamsmembers and prospects joined Sherryl on June 13, 2015, for the Relay for Life event in Bellevue, Washington. But instead of participating in the typical 12-hour event, Sherryl created a 5K for her team to complete during the relay.

“Not only did we have fun, engaged new Thrivent benefit members to join our team, but also they brought friends and family members. In addition, out of 35 Bellevue teams, we were No. 2 for fundraising,” Sherryl said.

Through online donations and personal contributions, the Cascade West Group raised more than $5,000. And, to raise even more money, Sherryl organized a “chance to win” event during the relay that anyone at the event could participate in. The three “chance to win” items were put together from donated items as well as some Thrivent Action Team money and raised about $350.

Sporting the “Live Generously” T-shirts they received as part of their Thrivent Action Team kit, the Cascade West Group team members engaged with the community and spread the word about Thrivent Action Teams and what it means to live generously.

“Wearing the shirts – it was conversational. People would touch the shirts, they would look at the shirts, they would ask about it: ‘living generously, what does that mean?’” Sherryl said.

Sherryl also said that even some typically Thrivent members, booth, cancer, Relay for Life, American Cancer Society, Live
      Generously, Thrivent Action Teamsshy members on her team were excited to tell people about Thrivent Action Teams and what a great financial institution Thrivent is.

To add to the excitement, Sherryl invited everyone on her team back to her house after the event to enjoy a barbecue in celebration of their great success and to get to know each other a little better. Some of the new members even decided that they were going to form their own Thrivent Action Team. 

Sherryl’s first Bellevue Relay for Life was a huge success. Not only will the funds raised help researchers work toward finding a cure for cancer, but the impact the Cascade West Group made on the community, members and prospects is a true example of living generously and making a difference.

“The event was so spiritual and emotionally uplifting that we vowed to do it again next year. ... Bigger and more people walking/running to ‘Stand Up Against Cancer,’” she said.

Want to get involved?

Learn more about Thrivent Action Teams and apply to lead your own to make a difference in your community or for a cause you care about.

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