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Be the Match & Save a Life

Thrivent Choice® helps support patients, caregivers & families facing transplant

Be the Match transplant recipient with his family

For patients with blood cancers or genetic disorders, a marrow or umbilical cord blood transplant may be their only hope for a cure. Unfortunately, 70% of patients don’t have a donor match in their family.

These patients and their families depend on Be The Match®, an organization that connects patients in need to their life-saving donor. Be The Match manages a database of 13 million people who are willing to donate marrow and help save the lives of patients like 10-year-old Eli.

In 2012, Troy and Jenn observed ADHD-like symptoms, strange walking and unusual behavior in their son, Henry. After months of testing he was diagnosed with adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD), a rare and often fatal genetic disorder that causes rapid deterioration of the brain. Henry’s younger brother Eli was tested and found to have the same disorder.

Henry was not a viable candidate for a marrow transplant, and the doctors offered no hope for the future. But because of Eli’s early diagnosis, he was eligible. Eli’s doctors quickly located a five out of six umbilical cord blood match and the family made plans for Eli’s transplant. After several rounds of chemotherapy to prepare his body for transplant, Eli received his second chance at life. “His match was such a gift,” says Jenn.

Henry lost his battle with ALD and today Eli understands the magnitude of that loss. “Eli knows he is able to be alive because Henry is not,” says Jenn. And for that, Eli is forever grateful to his big brother.

Thrivent considers it an honor to help support Be The Match and their work with transplant patients. Grant funding through Thrivent Choice helps:

  • Add potential marrow donors to Be The Match Registry®.
  • Support patients, caregivers and families facing the financial burdens of transplant.
  • Provide clinical education for physicians and other healthcare professionals.
  • Conduct and manage life-saving research.

To learn more about Be The Match®, visit To direct Choice Dollars® or to make a personal donation to Be The Match. (Login is required.)

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