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Animals in Need

With the help of Choice Dollars®, Dane County Humane Society cares for abused and abandoned animals

Dane County Humane Society, located in Madison, Wisconsin, is committed to saving local animals in Dane County, but also animals in need throughout the U.S.

The society forged a partnership with a California animal rescue organization to care for an overpopulation of Chihuahuas. Chihuahuas are flown to Minneapolis and transported to Madison, where the society cares for them until they are placed in new homes.

They also recently received 10 hound dogs through an animal rescue organization in Virginia. Hound dogs make popular hunting dogs in the southern region of the country, which has an overpopulation of hound mixes. "As with all animals that arrive at our shelter, Animal Medical Services performs an exam on each dog to check the status of its health, administers lifesaving vaccines, and spays or neuters it before adoption," says Jo Withers, development and outreach supervisor for the Humane Society.

Most of the dogs arrive very skinny and do not know how to interact with other dogs or people. Members of the canine behavior team develop protocols to help the dogs become more socialized and accustomed to being around people. They also develop protocols for volunteers to use to help keep the dogs happy and less stressed during their stay.

"With the financial support we have received through Choice Dollars® grant funding, we are able to provide individualized care for the animals that cross our doorsteps," says Withers. "With your support, Dane County Humane Society staff members and volunteers are able to help animals in need from local communities, and beyond."

For more information, please visit the Dane County Humane Society's website (Link opens in new window).

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