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10 Ways to 'Give Back' as Kids Go Back to School

Thrivent Action Teams

Going back to school can be tough on kids, teachers and parents. It can be even more difficult for families who can’t afford school supplies or are new to the area. But you can help change that.

Send summer off with a blast – of generosity! Apply to lead a Thrivent Action Team and make a difference for a school in your community. Here are 10 awesome ways to spread generosity before class is back in session.

10 ways to help kids & schools in your community

1. Pack it up.

  • Pack new backpacks full of back-to-school supplies to donate to students in need.
  • Seed money tip: Buy backpacks and school supplies such as rulers, pencils, erasers and crayons.

2. Food for thought.

  • When kids are hungry, it's hard for them to concentrate on their studies. Make snack bags for students who could use extra food during the day and partner with the school lunch program to help distribute them.
  • Seed money tip: Use the money to purchase healthy snacks like apples, bananas, granola bars and nuts.

3. 'G' is for grateful.

  • Make supply baskets for teachers to let them know they're appreciated. Fill them with items like dry erase markers, magnets, pens, tissues and construction paper.
  • Seed money tip: Buy baskets and fill them with the materials.

4. Get bookin'.

  • Host a book drive to collect gently used books that can be used in the classroom. Provide goodies for everyone who donates.
  • Seed money tip: Use the money to promote the book drive and purchase items for goodie bags.

5. Jazz up a raffle.

  • Everyone could use a little bit of music in their lives! Host a musical-themed raffle to raise money for a local school's music program.
  • Seed money tip: Use the money to promote the raffle, buy CDs, musical DVDs, tambourines and other music items to put in baskets.

6. Start the year on a positive note.

  • Write notes of encouragement and attach them to treats for the teachers at your school.
  • Seed money tip: Buy materials to make the notes and purchase treats.

7. Pack parent survival kits.

  • Parents of little ones may have a tough time sending them off to school. Create a care package filled with tissues, encouragement notes and treats.
  • Seed money tip: Buy baskets, tissues, materials for encouragement notes and treats.

8. STOP to say thank you.

  • Bus drivers do a lot to make sure kids get to school safely. Fill a bag with snacks, kind notes from students and a cool new mug for them to use every day.
  • Seed money tip: Purchase snacks, materials for notes and a mug.

9. Back-to-school 'clothes out.'

  • Host a clothing drive where friends and family can donate gently used or new clothing and shoes.
  • Seed money tip: Use the seed money to promote your clothing drive and create goodie bags for all of those who donate.

10. Roll out the welcome mat.

  • Host a fun – and educational – back-to-school night for new students and their parents. Everyone will feel more comfortable knowing where things are and what to expect during the school year.
  • Seed money tip: Use the seed money to promote the event and purchase snacks and beverages for the event.

Love one of these ideas? Then round up your friends and family, apply to lead a Thrivent Action Team, and you’ll be ready to make a positive change. We can’t wait to see what you do to #livegenerously in your community!

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