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10 Project Ideas that Jingle with Generosity

10 Thrivent Action Team ideas

The season of giving is here. It's the perfect time to round up your friends and family to live generously.

Apply to lead a holiday-inspired Thrivent Action Team and get ready to make a difference!

Need a project idea?

10 awesome ways to spread generosity & Christmas cheer

1. Cookie decorating contest.

Hold a cookie decorating contest at a local assisted living home or retirement community. Gather a panel of "judges" and make sure each resident walks away with a plate of Christmas cookies.

Seed money tip: Purchase sugar cookies, tubes of colored frosting and other edible decorations and small prizes for the winners.

2. Special delivery!

Gather your friends and prepare a hearty holiday meal that can easily be portioned out into plastic containers and deliver to needy families or the homebound.

Seed money tip: Purchase ingredients to prepare the meal and plastic containers the families can keep and reuse.

3. Christmas cheer for first responders.

Organize a team to visit public service facilities to spread some cheer and thank police officers, fire fighters, EMTs and others for their service.

Seed money tip: Purchase holiday gift bags, snacks, cards, holiday treats, games and puzzles.

4. Children's Christmas store.

Collect new or gently used items and sell them at kid-friendly prices (or for free). Invite kids from low-income families to shop for gifts for their parents and siblings.

Seed money tip: Promote the donation of items or purchase additional items; buy wrapping paper and set up a station to help kids wrap their gifts.

5. Christmas photo studio.

Grab a camera and get a team together to organize a fun photo shoot for families at shelters or others who can't afford Christmas photos.

Seed money tip: Purchase photo paper and ink cartridges; buy fun Christmas props and hot chocolate, coffee or other refreshments.

6. Warm hands & hearts.

Get a group together to collect or knit mittens, scarves or hats for a local shelter. Attach a homemade Christmas card to each item.

Seed money tip: Purchase yarn, supplies and cards.

7. Angel tree wrapping party.

Host an onsite wrapping party for those who chose names off of an angel tree or giving tree this year. Provide hot cocoa and play Christmas music as you wrap.

Seed money tip: Purchase wrapping paper, tape, scissors and refreshments.

8. Christmas bake sale for the pups.

Bake Christmas-themed red and green dog treats and sell them at your church or workplace to raise money for animal shelters during the holidays.

Seed money tip: Purchase supplies and ingredients needed for the homemade treats.

9. Holiday meal at a Ronald McDonald House®.

Locate a Ronald McDonald House® near you and gather some friends to serve a holiday-themed meal or stock the pantry with holiday treats for the kids.

Seed money tip: Purchase ingredients to make a meal or fill the pantry; buy goodies or small items to hand out to kids.

10. Christmas care packages for troops & families.

Host a collection for homemade goodies and box up some Christmas care packages for troops. Consider assembling special Christmas care packages for military families too!  

Seed money tip: Promote the collection ahead of time and purchase supplies or pay for postage.

If you love one of these ideas or have one of your own, apply to lead a Thrivent Action Team today. Then round up your friends and family and make a difference during the holiday season!

Reminder: Be sure to apply for your 2016 Thrivent Action Team by Dec. 31.


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