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Improving Client Experiences in 2020: A Conversation with Thrivent's CMO

What's New: Delivering More Value in the Age of Accelerated Change

A conversation with Thrivent leadership

The world and how we live within it has been changing for some time, shifting to more digital workplaces, communities and experiences. This year, with many of us working from home, these changes have accelerated. And as many companies, including Thrivent, transform to meet our clients' emerging needs, we are also called to ensure our transformation is still aligned with our purpose and our core values.

In a recent interview, Thrivent CMO Rohit Mull spoke about the experience of launching the new Thrivent brand experience in a year of unprecedented change – and what that meant for our clients. His response? Our clients truly care about our organization – they're invested in both the culture, our community and what we offer. "The fact that our clients want to be connected and know what was happening, that they are more involved with this organization than just the products that they happen to have with us … that's what makes us unique."

Our Purpose Is to Uplift Your Purpose

As a membership-owned fraternal organization, as well as a holistic financial services organization, Thrivent clients are the very heartbeat guiding all we do. We're constantly inspired by how they live out their purpose in their work, in their families and in their communities. And through their dedication to our organization through programs like Thrivent Member Networks and Action Teams, they in turn empower us to continue being the organization they need us to be.

"This is why I was inspired to work with Thrivent. Our values and purpose, in addition to our financial business model, takes the organization to a whole new level and makes me feel even better about life," says Mull. 

As we create new digital tools and improve client support resources, we're driven by this idea – to support your life goals and help you prepare for the exciting, as well as the unexpected. "We're different than all other financial services organizations because the combination of our values and financial acumen centered around advice are best positioned to serve our clients," says Mull.

More Digital-First, Client-Centric Experiences

Thrivent Chief Marketing Officer Rohit Mull

Thrivent is currently developing ways for clients to make the most of our resources and benefit from our value-driven products and services in accessible ways. "Moving forward, we've started with taking the best of everything that we've always had and then are working continuously on impactful transformation in order to meet the needs of clients who clearly want more benefits, more engagement, and more understanding of our offerings beyond anything we have ever done before." Here are examples of what our clients can look forward to this year:

  • Improved ways to stay in touch. Clients will no longer be limited to business hours. With both 24/7 calls and texting technology, we can connect with you at your convenience. "If you want to do business with us at 2 a.m., we are ready and we're going to be there for you," says Mull. To receive texts from Thrivent about how we can help you thrive with purpose, simply text "thrive" to 484-848.
  • Assessments and tools. Clients have more access than ever to financial knowledge through the Thrivent Thinking blog and personal assessments like the Income Match Assessment and Investor Style Quiz. These fun assessments help you understand your investment and retirement planning needs. Look for more digital-first tools launching later this year.
  • New ways to seek guidance. We understand our clients develop their financial goals with their bigger life goals in mind. That's why we're creating more ways for our clients to plan. This summer, Thrivent has launched fee-based financial planning advice, which allows clients to gain objective, custom advice as they develop a financial plan and work toward their goals.

As we continue to develop digital-first resources and experiences, we're constantly looking to our clients and our shared values to inspire our transformation. "Our brand focus is adding value to the lives of our customers through the way in which we go about it. And our business model is adding value to society as a whole, which is reflective of our statement – 'money is a tool, not a goal.'" 

"This is why I was inspired to work with Thrivent. Our values and purpose, in addition to our financial business model, takes the organization to a whole new level and makes me feel better about life."
– Rohit Mull, Chief Marketing Officer at Thrivent

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