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Keep the (Small) Change

How to strengthen your faith lives

You've read the headlines: 10 tips to get rich fast; five surefire ideas to jump-start your weight loss; seven easy ways to get involved in your community.

We all know there's really no fast or easy way to reach our goals. Yet taking just one small step at a time can result in significant changes over time.

We talked to experts and asked Thrivent Financial's friends on Facebook (Link opens in new window) for their advice on how to strengthen their faith lives. Here are a few things you can do that take just one small action.

Connect with the Word

Whether you worship regularly or may have let your church attendance slide, there are ways that you might refocus or reenergize your faith. Rev. Mark Jeske of St. Marcus Lutheran Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (and current Thrivent Financial board member), suggests writing down your spiritual goal as simply and clearly as possible. "Put it on a sticky note and look at it every day," he says.

Make a date with the Bible

Rev. Dave Liggett, who retired last year and now works part-time as a Christian giving counselor in Wisconsin and Florida, says you can follow an easy schedule to read the Bible in one year or two, just by doing short readings every day. "The Word you're reading will impact your life," he says. "The Bible talks about money, children, marriage, charity – all the things in our daily lives."

Turn to your community

Whom do you admire at your church? Jeske suggests taking that one step of asking that person to be a faith mentor. "People you may think are too busy for you will amaze you with their willingness to spend time with you," he says. He also suggests letting your family members know about your desire for spiritual growth; ask for their help and encouragement.

Focus on forgiveness

Start small: Pick just one person in your life you can forgive – and do it. "Celebrate the forgiveness of your sins through Jesus, generously extend that forgiveness to other people and embrace a new and better life with God because you love Him and know that He loves you," says Jeske.

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