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I'm Involved with Thrivent because

Members share stories

I'm with Thrivent because...

At Thrivent Financial, members have made a choice that helps them to be financially secure and help others. To be wise with money and to be generous.

Some of our members joined Thrivent as babies, when their parents gave them the gift of a life insurance contract. Others found Thrivent deliberately, after an exhaustive hunt for a financial services organization. Some focused on faith – where could they find an organization that combines both faith and finances?

We asked several members to tell us their stories. So, in their words, “I’m a Thrivent member because ...”

… Of the personal touch

“I’ve met a number of folks that work with Thrivent. You can tell they are excited about their jobs. I think the strong suit of Thrivent is the compassion that the people have. I have investments that I made through contacts with other financial organizations, and with those other folks, you get communications through the mail. With Thrivent, you get personal, one-on-one dialogue; there’s a higher level of interest in the well-being of the [contract holders]. Thrivent has a real feel for how to offer services to a wide range of people.

Norm Robinson, 69, Jefferson City, Missouri
Thrivent member since 1975

… Giving back is important

“Thrivent gives back. It not only wants the people who purchase their products to have a better life, but they reach out wherever they can, whether to a Thrivent Builds homeowner, for disaster relief or just to an average person who has come into hard times. Thrivent responds to needs here or abroad on mission trips. That’s what makes them unique. I am thankful that someone took the time to tell me about Thrivent, and I feel it’s my mission to tell others.”

Honey Pabst, 73, Holbrook, New York
Thrivent member since 1978

… Of our shared values

“My values are the same values as Thrivent’s – caring, compassionate, community-minded. Why would I go somewhere else when I am happy with my returns and can have Thrivent contribute to my community, especially my Lutheran community?”

Donald Christian, Dean, College of Business – Concordia University, Round Rock, Texas
Thrivent member since 1959

… They make honest assessments about the right product for me

“I work with my Thrivent Financial representative to help direct my retirement strategy. I like the honest and thorough analysis of the different products. My experience with Thrivent is that they are finding a product or identifying an investment direction to address a financial objective. Thrivent has always been forthright and has provided honest and thorough assessments about what product or solution was the right choice for me.” 

James Theis,65, Rochester, Illinois
Thrivent member since 1970

… We’re doing great things in the community

“My parents bought me a life insurance [contract] when I was a baby, and I’ve been an active adult member about five years now. I became very involved [with Thrivent Financial] when I got on the [East Central Arkansas Chapter] board a couple years ago. My chapter is so supportive and wonderful. I see how willing Thrivent is to work with people. I haven’t seen a ‘no’ come back yet when we want to do something great in the community.”

Penny Green, 35, Sherwood, Arkansas
Thrivent member since 1978

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