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Habitat and Thrivent Partnership Through the Years

Habitat and Thrivent Partnership

Since 2005, Thrivent and Habitat for Humanity International have worked together to improve unsafe and unhealthy living conditions for people around the world.

Volunteers who've lent their time, their skills and their hearts to building and repairing homes have benefited Habitat families in the US and around the world.

1991 – 2005 
Thrivent and its predecessor organizations – Aid Association for Lutherans and Lutheran Brotherhood – built 500 homes with help from Habitat for Humanity International.

Thrivent members, already heavily involved with Habitat for Humanity, wanted a way to become more involved in combating substandard housing. Partnering with Habitat was a natural fit.

In September 2005, Thrivent's CEO and Habitat’s CEO signed an agreement that launched an unprecedented $125 million, four-year alliance with Habitat. Other partnership agreements have been signed since.

”The Big Red Truck”, a 67-foot mobile exhibit, began touring the nation. It featured testimonials, images and graphics to illustrate the emotional despair of poverty housing — and the hope connected to decent, affordable housing. The first Worldwide homebuilding trip took place to Romania, kicking off our international homebuilding trip program.

2005 – 2006
Thrivent and Habitat mobilize Thrivent members and other volunteers to reconstruct an entire community devastated by Hurricane Katrina through the Worldwide program. Thrivent and its members also provided more than $17 million to support hurricane victims. 28 homes were constructed on a street later named Thrivent Lane in Long Beach, Mississippi.

2008 – 2010
A new community, Villa Esperanza, is thriving in El Salvador today. Volunteers built a number of homes and rebuilt the Cristo Rey Lutheran Church over the two-year time span.

Habitat and Thrivent celebrate the completion of the 2,000th house dedicated to the homeowner family on Dec. 4, 2009. In other words, 2,000 families now have a place to call home. 

Habitat and Thrivent begin partnering on home repair projects. During the course of the program from 2011-2018, over 2,700 projects are completed by over 37,000 volunteers, providing families with stable and safe housing.

A significant milestone! 4,000 families experiencing the hope and opportunity of a home built or repaired thanks to volunteers activated through our partnership.

Habitat and Thrivent celebrate the 10th anniversary of building better futures in partnership with families around the world.

Thrivent celebrates its 250th Worldwide home building trip to El Salvador, along with its 1,000th Worldwide trip globally.

Over $252,000,000 invested in the partnership since its beginning, activating over 760,000 volunteers who provide over 5.5 million volunteer hours.

Habitat and Thrivent Faith Builds launches nationally after two years of regional engagement. Local Christian churches partner with Habitat and Thrivent to raise funds, walls, and prayers to help families build their home.

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