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Be Wise With Money

The Same, Yet Different: A Unique Blend

A fraternal benefit society & a Fortune 500 company

Maybe you've read The Thrivent Way and you like the idea of being wise with money and living generously. Maybe you've seen The Thrivent Story and the equation of the cross and the dollar sign and the heart adding up to smiling faces makes you smile, too.

But you still might be asking, what exactly does Thrivent Financial do?


  • Offer financial advice through qualified financial representatives.
  • Sell life insurance, disability income insurance, long-term care insurance and other insurance coverage.
  • Sell annuities, mutual funds, retirement plans, college savings plans, fee-based planning and other types of services.
  • Have subsidiaries like a credit union and a trust.

"OK," you might be thinking, "Thrivent offers insurance and investments. Plus, I can get tailored advice through a real-life person. That makes sense."

Wait, there's more!

We also offer members multiple ways to donate or direct money, and to volunteer.

We're not-for-profit, membership-owned and exempt from federal taxes. Our members share a common bond of Christianity.

"So," you might now be thinking, "Thrivent is like the United Way? Or like an association that I have to join? Or like the Elks? Or it's somehow part of a church?"

We do have some things in common with all of those types of organizations, but we're something else. Beyond being a fraternal benefit society, we're also a Fortune 500 organization with many proprietary products, with a national sales force and with nearly 2.4 million members. We answer to the membership, rather than investors or customers – in fact, our investors and customers are one and the same.

What about governance? Thrivent has a board of directors and leadership team that understands the complexities of billions of dollars of assets under management and financial products that are regulated by multiple state and federal agencies and laws. Our leaders also have a passion for serving others, and an appreciation of Thrivent's tax-exempt status and all the elements that requires. And while we're not part of a church, our members belong to thousands of churches across the country.

The easiest way to describe Thrivent is that we are the largest fraternal benefit society in the United States. But a better way to describe us is that we are a blend of many things, and we believe those elements, woven together, deliver more value for our members and for their communities.

Thrivent is not … But …
Part of the church. Our members are.
A 501c3. Is a 501c8.
A charity. Does offer volunteer opportunities and ways to give to nonprofits.
Like the Order of the Elks or a fraternity. Does share a common bond and asks people to become members instead of customers.
Just financial products. Does sell a wide range of insurance and investments.
Required to answer to Wall Street. Is required to answer to state and federal regulators as well as the membership.
An association. Does have self-governing groups of members.

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