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Be Wise With Money

Protecting Your Finances & Your Future

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You did it! You've done your research, brainstormed your goals, made your decisions and have taken action to develop a solid financial strategy for you and your family. Perhaps you're implementing special budgeting, spending, savings and investment strategies to make your plan a reality. You're definitely in the game.

However, in all of this planning and doing, have you considered how you're protecting your goals? Life can throw us curve balls that can upset even the best-set game plan. Having strategies in place to help protect your assets is a key part of solid financial preparation.

Here are a few ways to help ensure your game plan protects your assets:

Life insurance

One of the most common ways people protect a financial strategy is through life insurance. In the event of a premature death, it can help ease the financial burden for those left behind.

Not only can it help your family maintain the same standard of living, but it can help pay a mortgage and other debt and help fund your children's education expenses.

You may want to consider a cash value, or a permanent, life insurance contract which can provide protection and a potential way to save. These types of contracts provide benefits just like term insurance upon a premature death, but they also can offer a way to accumulate income-tax free cash value.1

You may be able to borrow against those funds to provide supplemental income in retirement or help with unexpected expenses. Permanent life insurance could be the extra safety net you need.2

Disability income insurance

Another tactic for a good defense is disability insurance. It's perhaps a less commonly purchased type of insurance, though often more necessary. If you're unable to work, disability income insurance can help provide an income stream for you and your family.

The chance of a disability is higher than you may think. The majority of long-term work absences are caused by injuries or illnesses such as accidents, surgeries or other medical conditions.

Imagine injuries from a car accident leave you on the sideline and out of work for several months. Or maybe a back injury or pain prevents you from doing your job. Disability insurance can help protect you and your family.

Juvenile insurance

If you have children, you may want to consider a juvenile insurance policy. For a relatively small amount, parents can buy this type of insurance to protect their children no matter what happens in their future health-wise.

Imagine your child is diagnosed with an ongoing health problem such as diabetes. A preexisting condition like that can make it difficult and expensive to purchase a new life insurance contract down the road.

With juvenile insurance, you're giving your child insurance options for when they become adults, thus protecting them, their future family and the financial goals you've worked so hard to achieve.

IRAs & 401(k)s

A note on retirement savings: Counting on retirement accounts for unanticipated changes in your financial strategy should be a last resort. A distribution or loan could result in fees, interest charges, penalties and taxes.

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