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Be Wise With Money

Make Reaching Your Goals Easier with Free Tools

You can be financially fit

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Being "fit" doesn't mean the same thing for everyone. For the guy on Muscle Beach, it's the size of his biceps or how much weight he can bench press. For Richard Simmons, it's just moving. For someone else it's being able to ride a bike 40 miles or walk two miles.

The same thinking applies when it comes to financial fitness – it's defined by how close you are to your financial goals.

Physical fitness vs. financial fitness

When we're in our 20s, we tend to be pretty physically fit and active. As we age, it gets harder to stay that way. Financial fitness tends to work the opposite way. Most college grads have school and credit card debt, auto loans and more to get started with their adult life. And as you age, your finances tend to be more fit because you have greater available resources. No matter which fitness you're talking about – you have to work at it.

According to the 2014 Principal Financial Well-Being IndexSM survey of American workers in growing businesses, 47% are stressed about their personal finances and 21% are stressed about physical health. One goal of staying healthy is to avoid major health expenditures in the future. These same people also say that having a plan and working with a financial professional gave them more confidence in their financial health.

Free online tools to help you set, plan, do, and track physical and financial goals

We all know the drill … set a goal, plan how, do something and track progress. Overcoming inertia is typically the hardest thing to do. Using simple tools can often help. Here are a few free online tools to help you get started:



Use these free tools and calculators to help you in these areas.

Fitness doesn’t just miraculously happen. There are no instant results, despite what TV advertisers say. You have to want it and go for it. It's about the journey and where you want to be down the road. You are the driver, so lead the way!

Next steps

  • Create a realistic goal if you don’t have one.
  • Check out free or low cost online or phone apps that fit your needs.
  • Ask a friend for support.
  • Put time on your calendar for the activity.


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