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Be Wise With Money

The Long Haul Made Easier

Disability insurance protects family after husband is severely injured

For more than 30 years, Ron Franck owned his own trucking business, hauling freight up and down the West Coast of the U.S. from his home in Washington state. As a small-business owner, one of his first priorities was to make sure he would be covered if he were unable to run his business.

"[Disability income insurance] is like health insurance: It's just one of those things that you have to have," says Ron. "I knew that if I couldn't work, I wouldn't have income coming in, and that wouldn't be good for my family."

In January 2010, as Ron was unloading a truckload of grain at a feed mill, he climbed up to sweep out the last bits of the grain. He lost his balance and fell 12 feet off the back of the truck, landing with his legs straddling a cement abutment. In the process, he snapped his right leg bones just above the ankle.

At a nearby hospital, doctors rushed to restore circulation to the foot before it was permanently damaged. After surgery, Ron was told it would probably be a year before he could go back to work.

One of Ron's first calls was to Skip Blodnick, his Thrivent Financial representative. Together, the two submitted the claim on Ron's disability income contract and talked about how to manage finances during the three-month waiting period before benefit payments started. Skip also reminded Ron that he had opted for a disability waiver on his life insurance and annuity contracts. It meant that Ron's premiums on those contracts would be waived until he could go back to work.

"The money from the disability income contract made a huge difference," Ron says. "My wife doesn't make enough to cover all of our bills. It sure was nice to not have to worry about the money and just focus on getting better."

Ron was out of work for 10 months.

"Buying the disability income contract years ago was a good decision for me," he says. "But even if I hadn't gotten hurt and needed it, it still would have been the right decision."

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