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Be Wise With Money

Investment Management & Bill Paying Made Easy

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Lisa is a busy retiree. She likes to travel, splits her time between residencies in Florida and Colorado, sublets her apartment and even boards two horses in New Jersey. Given her busy lifestyle, Lisa doesn’t want to worry about paying the bills. That’s why the SIMPLIFY account service is a great fit.

SIMPLIFY offers relief from day-to-day financial management

SIMPLIFY is a unique service of Thrivent Trust Company that combines the convenience of personal financial management – bill paying with a defined investment component in a fully managed portfolio. Thrivent Trust Company pays bills using funds from your portfolio’s money market allocation. Your portfolio is then rebalanced to maintain the proper equity, fixed income and money market allocations – tailored to your investment objective.

“What I think is awesome is I have the flexibility to travel, and not worry about my bills being paid. I don’t like to think about all the bills. I love this service, because they take care of it all,” says Lisa.

Smooth transition

Lisa started her relationship with Thrivent Financial as an investment client. As her assets grew and her life expanded from one location to two, her Thrivent Financial representative suggested that a move to Thrivent Trust Company would serve her better.

After two years, her trust officer suggested the SIMPLIFY option. So, Lisa identified the expenses that the service would manage for her. Lisa and her trust officer worked together to transfer the details and permission. It’s not always easy to move all bills over to another address and payer, but the process was very smooth for Lisa.

“Thrivent Trust Company was very organized and flexible throughout the transition from personal bill paying to them handling my bills,” says Lisa.

Worry-free convenience

Thrivent Trust Company handles more than a dozen payments for Lisa, from credit cards to utilities, to property taxes and stabling costs for her horses.

Because Lisa is subletting her apartment, she would like someone to receive and deposit the rental payments. Instead of her having to worry about rent each month, the renters simply send the money directly to Thrivent Trust Company for deposit into Lisa’s account. 

Lisa likes that she doesn’t have to worry about some of the day-to-day management of her money. She also likes how easy it is to keep track of the budget and what’s being spent on a yearly basis. And, at the end of the year, Thrivent Trust Company provides a detailed tax information letter and works with her tax professional in preparing her taxes.

Lisa couldn’t be happier with the SIMPLIFY program. Her trust officer is always there to help. “Resolving an issue is only an email away,” she says. “I have great confidence in Thrivent Trust Company. The SIMPLIFY program makes paying my bills much easier.”

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