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Be Wise With Money

Women: Let's talk about money

Thrivent member Bev Thomen, a 61-year-old former nurse living in Dallas, Oregon, says her recent retirement still feels a bit like an extended vacation. But not long ago, she felt unsure about when and how she could retire at all.

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The value of dividends

Dividends make it possible to earn money in the stock market when prices aren't going up. Learn more about dividends and investment strategies.

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A financial checklist for every life stage

Where are you on life's journey? Just starting your career or family? Established in your job and closing in on retirement, or are you retired and taking it all in? Having – and sticking to – a financial checklist can help you avoid common money risks, no matter where you are in life.

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College prep: How to plan ahead for higher education

Ever dreamed you’re in a class you’ve never attended, about to take a test? That’s how some parents feel about saving for college. Unprepared. Slightly terrified. Whether your child (or grandchild) is still in diapers, starting high school or somewhere in between, you’re probably wondering whether it’s possible to help kids pay for college and still set aside enough for your own retirement.

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