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Be Wise With Money

Stop using credit cards & take the Cash Challenge [calculators]

It seems as if cash is becoming the dinosaur of currency modes. Convenience plays a huge part in why credit cards have become the powerhouse of purchase transactions. And understandably so. Credit cards offer convenience, less bulk, instant access, minimized liability if lost, payment options and personalization. Plus, they don’t require planning ahead.

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5 SMART tips for meeting your money goals [worksheets]

You have financial or money goals – big and small. Maybe they're as immediate as going the day without spending any money. Or maybe they're future-focused, like saving for a down payment for a house or setting aside money for your retirement. (Read how one couple put their smart financial strategy into place.)

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Different ways to use a traditional IRA

You’ve worked hard to put money in your retirement account, building toward that day when you decide to stop working. You’re not there yet, but suddenly you get laid off and lose your employer-sponsored health insurance. Or maybe your child’s heading off to college and those expenses are more than you thought. What can you do?

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12 months to a more organized financial life

Keeping your finances in order doesn't require countless hours. Set aside just one hour a month (60 minutes out of the 43,200 in a 30-day month!). That's all it takes to get your finances in better shape by year's end.

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