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Be Wise With Money

Avoid the Christmas 'ho-ho-argh!'

This time of year is full of anticipation, preparation, excitement and celebration. Traditions are honored, new ones are created and gifts are purchased – but it doesn’t have to come with a big price tag. Here are some tips to help you avoid the Christmas “ho-ho-argh!” when the credit card bill arrives in January.

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Four excuses that could harm your financial future

Do you ever wonder if you have enough life insurance? And how much is enough? Thinking – and making decisions – about life insurance can be overwhelming. So when it comes to reviewing what you’ve got – and considering what you don’t have – it’s pretty easy to come up with excuses.

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Estate settlement brings relief to loved ones

Johnella and Hampton first learned about Thrivent Financial after joining a Lutheran church in Oakland, California. It was there that they met their Thrivent Financial representative and started putting their estate plan in motion. As it turns out, this made a big difference for Johnella when Hampton passed away shortly after.

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Investment management & bill paying made easy

Lisa is a busy retiree. She likes to travel, splits her time between residencies in Florida and Colorado, sublets her apartment and even boards two horses in New Jersey. Given her busy lifestyle, Lisa doesn’t want to worry about paying the bills. That’s why the SIMPLIFY account service is a great fit.

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