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Be Wise With Money

IRA rollovers: What should you know?

If you have a number of 401(k)s, keeping track of them can feel a bit like herding cats. You want to be wise with your retirement savings, so how can you reduce the “paperwork” and maybe gain some advantages? Think about rolling them into a single individual retirement account (IRA).

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Making the most of retirement

Thrivent member Bill Blanton of Cypress, Texas, has one word to say about retirement: "Awesome." After working 48 years, Bill was more than ready to retire. Today he and his wife, Pat, are spending their days traveling, being with family and pursuing Bill's favorite hobby – fishing. But it took some wise planning and intentionality to get to where the Blantons are today.

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5 questions to ask: check your life insurance coverage [video]

When you're in the middle of life's changes – a wedding, a new baby, a new house – life insurance might be the last thing on your mind. But did you know that not checking your life insurance coverage can leave gaps that make a difference to your financial future?

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Stop using credit cards & take the Cash Challenge [calculators]

It seems as if cash is becoming the dinosaur of currency modes. Convenience plays a huge part in why credit cards have become the powerhouse of purchase transactions. And understandably so. Credit cards offer convenience, less bulk, instant access, minimized liability if lost, payment options and personalization. Plus, they don’t require planning ahead.

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