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Be Wise With Money

Navigating retirement as a widower

Thrivent members Lee Holden and his wife, Nancy, had their golden years all mapped out. "We were always saving for retirement," says Lee, 62, a substation superintendent at an electric co-op. Between a 401(k) and his pension, the couple had created a healthy nest egg. But when Nancy died unexpectedly in May 2010, everything changed.

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Baby on board: Financial needs to handle first [calculators + worksheet]

Congrats! The joy of welcoming a child into your life is indescribable. Besides the temporary lack of sleep and the hectic schedule, pretty soon you're into a routine that works for you. With this new responsibility comes new financial needs and demands – so which ones do you tackle first?

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4 tips to help calm retirement spending fears

Tom Pfenning made a comfortable living as a bank executive for more than 30 years. The Thrivent member socked away part of every paycheck into his 401(k) for years. But when he retired, he still felt uneasy about money.

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Tools to help make your money last

The ultimate goal of saving for retirement is to have enough money to last you the rest of your life once you retire. There are many financial tools that can help you accumulate your retirement savings – but you may also need something that helps ensure those savings don't run out before you run out of time.

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