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Be Wise With Money

A guide to organizing financial paperwork

Nearly one in four Americans has either lost or forgotten about a vital financial document, and only 40% think they could find a key document at a moment's notice, according to a 2010 Consumer Reports Poll. This means many of us are wasting time looking for financial papers buried in piles of clutter or disorganized files. But what if you could feel empowered, knowing that important documents are easily accessible at any given moment?

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Digesting the alphabet soup of college planning

What is EFC? What does FAFSA stand for? What does COA mean? When you're planning for college, you'll likely run into some unfamiliar and confusing words, terms and abbreviations.

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Navigating retirement as a widower

Thrivent members Lee Holden and his wife, Nancy, had their golden years all mapped out. "We were always saving for retirement," says Lee, 62, a substation superintendent at an electric co-op. Between a 401(k) and his pension, the couple had created a healthy nest egg. But when Nancy died unexpectedly in May 2010, everything changed.

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Baby on board: Financial needs to handle first [calculators + worksheet]

Congrats! The joy of welcoming a child into your life is indescribable. Besides the temporary lack of sleep and the hectic schedule, pretty soon you're into a routine that works for you. With this new responsibility comes new financial needs and demands – so which ones do you tackle first?

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