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Be Wise With Money

Putting legal & financial affairs in order

Making preparations for your death is one of the most loving gifts you can give your family. But what does being prepared look like? It means organizing and communicating about financial matters, medical care, passing on your legacy, and the type of funeral or memorial service you would like. Here's how to get started.

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Start ''the talk'' with your parents today

Those of you currently in your 40s and 50s are the bulk of the Sandwich Generation. In fact, 47% are caring for kids and parents according to a recent report from the Pew Research Center. In other words, nearly 1 in 2 is providing care to someone other than a child. And 77% missed work to provide care for a parent.1 The outcome: more stress with more demands on time.

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Does your retirement strategy fit your life stage?

Maybe you're just starting to work, or maybe you've been at a job for years. You could be on your own or have a family to support. No matter what the circumstances may be, you need a retirement strategy that's right for you. Think of retirement planning as having four life stages: the beginning phase, the building-up phase, the transitional phase and the spending phase. Here's what to consider at each phase.

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4 common myths about disability income insurance

Most of us get the need for health insurance, homeowners insurance and car insurance. But how many of us know about – or understand – disability income insurance? Why is it so important?

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