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Be Wise With Money

Make reaching your goals easier with free tools

Being "fit" doesn't mean the same thing for everyone. For the guy on Muscle Beach, it's the size of his biceps or how much weight he can bench press. For Richard Simmons, it's just moving. For someone else it might be being able to ride a bike 40 miles or walk two miles. The same thinking applies when it comes to financial fitness – it's defined by how close you are to your financial goals.

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Traveling soon? 7 Easy tips to protect your identity

You’re on a trip, ready to relax and have some fun. Suddenly, your smartphone buzzes and you receive a text that your banking information may be compromised. Your heart begins to race. You check your pockets – you still have your wallet. How did they get your information? Did you take steps to protect your information beforehand?

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4 legal documents every newlywed should have

You've said your "I do's," enjoyed your honeymoon and written your thank-you notes. What's next? Having the proper legal instruments in place will help ensure your financial future is protected. Below is a list of legal documents, what they do and the risks of not having them in place. Understanding what each provides, as well as the risks, will help you make more informed decisions.

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Long road back made easier with disability insurance

Ever the athlete, he was training to participate in his first marathon. And he was enjoying his new position advocating for the unemployed and disadvantaged in his community through the nonprofit organization where he worked. After years of study and earning his master's degree in public administration, he felt prepared to start his life's mission of helping others. Both those dreams came crashing down around him one night while he was out with friends. As they were walking across the street, a drunk driver ran a red light at high speed and hit Michael.

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