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Be Wise With Money

Don't get caught in these 5 financial traps

Thrivent Financial representatives share some of the most common money traps they see and how to avoid them by changing your habits. Follow their ideas, and you'll be able to pay off debt sooner, save more and worry less.

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Social Security & retirement: What to know now

Generally speaking, you earn benefits after working and paying Social Security taxes for at least 10 years. At the time you're eligible for benefits, you don't simply get back what you paid in. Instead, the Social Security Administration looks at your lifetime earnings and makes adjustments based on the national average wage index. Then it uses a formula to determine a benefit amount based on your highest 35 years of earnings. Higher earnings result in higher monthly benefits.

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Creating a financial strategy pays off

When Pamela Highsmith, a Thrivent member in Katy, Texas, was diagnosed with dementia in 2014, her illness put her desire to be independent to the test. Highsmith's earlier work with Thrivent Financial Representative Melissa Knippa made the transition easier for everyone.

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7 ways to stop impulse buys

An astonishing number of us spend impulsively – some 84% of Americans, according to a January 2016 poll. More than half of the poll's respondents said they've spent $100 or more on an impulse buy. An additional 20% said they've spent at least $1,000 on impulse. But learning to control impulse shopping is possible. It's a matter of thinking about what your money can do for you and aligning your spending with your values.

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