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Be Wise With Money

Teaching dollars & sense

"How come I can't have my own TV?" "I HAVE to have a new cell phone." "All my friends are going. Why does it matter how much it costs?" We've all heard these refrains from kids. As parents, helping children understand how to be wise with money is just as important as teaching them to look both ways before crossing the street. So what can you do to help your tweens and teens learn the value of a dollar?

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Kids & cash

The list of things that need to happen before your kid goes to college can be long. Encourage them to get good grades? Check. Visit college campuses? Check. Teach them how to manage money? Oh, they'll learn that on their own.

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Moving on

Rev. Harold Kamman loved his home. But the Thrivent member knew he couldn't stay there forever, especially after his wife died. "You don't think anything's going to happen to you, but you look around and see people getting older and realize something might," says Kamman. "When you're alone in the house, you think, 'Why not go to a smaller place where everything is provided?' It gets to be a chore to take care of a big house."

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An unexpected lesson

I will remember Feb. 12, 2007, for the rest of my life. I was at work when my younger brother called. His voice was trembling and I could tell immediately something wasn't right. When I heard his words, my heart sank. "Maybe I heard him wrong," I thought. I asked him to repeat it. I was confused and shaking, overwhelmed with what he was saying.

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