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Be Wise With Money

Security measures

Daniel Bagwell had been a regular blood donor to the American Red Cross for years. But in early 2007, on more than one occasion, his iron levels were too low to donate. Nurses mentioned that this was a very unusual occurrence in men, but he brushed off their concern.

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Making an adjustment

When Dr. Lyons started a family, her husband stayed at home to raise their kids while she opened her own dental practice outside Milwaukee. She already had a disability income insurance contract she bought during her dental residency years ago. But as she made more money and eventually bought her own practice, that contract only covered about 40% of her current income. Since she was the only one bringing home a paycheck, she realized that was a gap the couple needed to fix.

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Five key questions

If there's one certain thing in life, it's that things change. You will move in and out of jobs. You may or may not get married. You might or might not have kids. Maybe you'll go back to school or put someone else through college. You likely will retire at some point.

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Teaching dollars & sense

"How come I can't have my own TV?" "I HAVE to have a new cell phone." "All my friends are going. Why does it matter how much it costs?" We've all heard these refrains from kids. As parents, helping children understand how to be wise with money is just as important as teaching them to look both ways before crossing the street. So what can you do to help your tweens and teens learn the value of a dollar?

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