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Be Wise With Money

A Fresh Perspective About Money

Your New Money Mindset explores how to have a healthier relationship with your finances

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Your New Money Mindset
isn’t just another book about managing finances. It doesn’t have tips for budgeting. It doesn’t talk about managing credit. And it doesn’t give advice on how to invest your money for the future.

So what does it offer? A fresh perspective about how to have a healthy relationship with money. Coauthored by Brad Hewitt, Thrivent’s chief executive officer, and Dr. Jim Moline, a licensed psychologist, Your New Money Mindset guides readers into a new way of thinking about the role money plays in our lives.

It starts with the heart

Has money ever kept you up at night? Or made you worry during the day? Do you see the ads on TV and in magazines and feel the need to keep up, even if your paycheck doesn’t agree? Or maybe you have a decent income and healthy savings but still feel anxious when you think about the future. Whether we think we have a lot or feel we’re barely getting by, many of us carry a burden of unease about money.

Consider this: In the richest country in the world, nearly 50% of Christians feel financially insecure and more than 85% of Christians feel they do not have enough to share generously.1

“We live in a world filled with messages that we need to spend more and get more,” explains Hewitt. “But rather than making us happy, getting more ‘stuff’ often does just the opposite. We want to replace that tension with a mindset of gratitude and generosity.”

This transformation in our mindset – and in our relationship with money – doesn’t start with our wallet, it starts with our heart.

person walking on a path near a lake and mountainOur money mindset

The authors emphasize that a healthy relationship with money isn’t tied to the amount of money we have or don’t have. Instead, it’s based on our money mindset. And just what is a money mindset? It’s how we think and feel about our financial situation. It’s how we view the role of money in our lives.

No matter how much or how little we have, we all feel the press of consumerism’s grip on us. And that consumerism can quickly take hold of our hearts.

The antidote to that consumerism? The authors believe that it’s a life in Christ that makes all the difference. Having a right relationship with money as taught by Jesus leads us to live openheartedly with our time, energy and money.

“The tension between generosity and possessions will never go away, but we can all work on this together and encourage each other to make wise choices,” says Moline. “When you free people from the message that you have to acquire to be happy, it changes everything.”

Living with this new money mindset means each of us can decide we have enough for ourselves and enough to share, regardless of our income. People who make this choice and are generous – with time, talents, income and themselves – feel more secure in their relationships and feel more successful overall.2

So how do you begin to make those conscious choices? Your New Money Mindset invites readers to take a short online assessment to discover their personal attitudes, fears and weaknesses when it comes to money. Readers can refer to those results throughout the book as they learn how they can shift their attitudes about money and generosity.

The book includes a study guide of questions to help guide discussions. Readers are encouraged to bring together small groups of people in their homes, churches or communities to talk about how to be content with what they have and how to share more of themselves with others.

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