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Be Wise With Money

5 Questions to Ask: Are You Too Independent for Your Own Good?

Within each of us resides a longing to stand on our own. We feel it almost from the first days of life, as we move from relying on our parents to taking our first tentative steps into the world.

We act out as toddlers. We rebel as teenagers. Then, as we mature, we become more independent as we embrace a variety of life events: college, work, marriage, childrearing, caregiving, retirement and more.

Along the way, we may come to believe that money is the key to our independence. But if we're not careful, our money can turn independence into disengagement which, in turn, can convince us that we don't need other people. As a result, we can become disconnected emotionally, psychologically and even physically.

5 questions to ask yourself (from Your New Money Mindset)

  1. Do your friends and family accuse you of never listening to them?
  2. Do you make decisions first and ask for feedback second?
  3. Does the thought of hearing someone's advice about your situation make you angry?
  4. Do you find it increasingly hard to ask for help, directions or assistance?
  5. Do you enjoy your friends but find it annoying when they start sharing their troubles or problems with you?

If you answered yes to two or more of these questions, your healthy independence may be at risk of becoming unhealthy.

Gain more insight into your relationship with money learn more about how it may be affecting your independence by taking the online New Money Mindset Assessment.

Once you take the assessment, explore your results further by reading Your New Money Mindset. Written by Thrivent Financial CEO Brad Hewitt and licensed psychologist James Moline, the book offers practical steps for shifting your money attitudes and behaviors in order to live a more openhearted life.

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