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What makes Thrivent unlike any other financial services organization

How do you think about your long-term goals? When seeking financial guidance, most financial services companies will help you create a plan with the accumulation of money as the end goal. Others aim to help you become financially independent. At Thrivent, we strive to help you achieve financial clarity – because clarity is the first step to achieving all your goals.

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2020: Opportunity for redirection

In the midst of global crisis, Americans are spending and saving differently. CNN reports that the savings rate – the ratio between a household's savings and disposable income – spiked from 8% in February to 13.1% in March – the largest such increase since November 1981. At the same time, Federal Reserve Bank research reveals that revolving-credit activity decreased 31% in March, as compared to March 2019 rates.

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Financial clarity in an uncertain world

In volatile markets, people tend to pay more attention to their money. It stands to reason. After all, volatility leads to questions about diversification, risk sensitivity and whether you should be pulling your money out of the market and sticking it under a mattress. But the notion of a down market only exists because there is a counter concept known as an "up" market. And as you might guess, people don't pay as close attention to their money in these times. At Thrivent, we stress that both markets need to be adhered to in order to achieve what every investor and financial client is ultimately seeking: financial clarity.

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