30-Day Generosity Challenge

You did it! By joining with others to make a positive change in your community, you helped lead the way to a better world. Keep the generosity movement going! Inspire members of your congregation, family and friends by completing a different act of generosity each day.

If you prefer, use this printable version (PDF) of the list to keep track of the daily challenges you complete.

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Week 1 Generosity Challenge

Week 1

Hold the door open for someone.

Pick up litter and throw it away.

Thank your bus driver.

Ask someone struggling with homelessness their story.

Give a friend a flower.

Pay for someone’s tank of gas.

Donate clothes to a charity.

Week 2 Generosity Challenge

Week 2

Plant a tree in your community.

Spend time with a veteran.

Do the chore no one else wants to do.

Say hello to someone you don’t know.

Leave a dollar in a random place.

Spend time with a grandparent.

Bake cookies for your neighbor.

Week 3 Generosity Challenge

Week 3

Make a donation to a charity in your community.

Give up your seat for someone who is standing.

Lend a hand to help a coworker.

Read a book with a kid.

Write a note of gratitude.

Thank a service person.

Eat lunch with someone new.

Compliment a stranger.

Week 4 Generosity Challenge

Week 4

Purchase pet food for an animal shelter.

Make a gift and give it to a friend.

Help someone carry something heavy.

Forgive someone.

Donate to a local food pantry.

Send a letter to our troops.

Clean up a park.

Compliment the chef at a restaurant.